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Online billing system


With online billing systems becoming common throughout retails stores across the globe, we at Uniflex conceived a distinct system that would not only add to your business convenience but would also impress your customers and potential customers, lifting your business to whole new level.

Our product 'Touch' is a Point of Sale system that merges both mobile and wireless modernization with potent business judgment to provide a wide-ranging and user-friendly tool for retail stores across the globe. A smooth and seamless interface gives a definite and clear overview of single or multi-store processes, resulting time saving and bestowing unconditional business control.

With Cloud ready platform, Touch is not just mobile but flexible as well. Touch also has automated server synchronization which proves to be a more efficient and effective work method.

Touch basically designed for distribution basic sector with these features:

Order taking

Cash collection

SMS / email alerts for cash collection and order taking

Multiple price list

Customer outstanding details

Stock visibility

Sales return of damaged or excess stock

Route wise customer classification

Credit limit in days, amount or count is possible

Multi company support

Moreover touch can provide you these advantages too:

Avoids data entry

Device compatibility - Currently Supports 6215 android devices

Server backup for data

Stock transfer planning

Fund management

Scheduled emails of your daily orders and payments

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