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Fleet Management System


In a world where you can order a meal online to buy a car online, keeping track of your businesses and assets can prove to be quite stressful. But in this tech-savvy world, nothing is impossible and everything is within reach. One such product that helps you keep track and is within your reach is the Vehicle Tracking System or the Fleet Management system.

Vehicle tracking is a valuable solution which aids in tracking and scrutinizing the location and movement of passenger and commercial vehicles. With the introduction of GPS Technology, it is now feasible to follow the progress of business-related and private vehicles within predetermined time period.

Our product 'Unitrack' helps you in fleet management, which allows enterprises or companies relying on transportation in their business to eliminate or curtail the hazard linked with vehicle investment, enhancing competence, productivity and reducing their overall transportation and man-power expenditure.

Unitrack acts as a comprehensive fleet management system offering secure service for rental vehicle companies. Unitrack's unique system helps increase overall productivity while enhancing efficiency. Unitrack also helps businesses optimize fuel cost and operational expenses for their commercial vehicles.

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Vehicle activity details in Report format

Online and historical tracking of vehicles in map with the status of ignition, a/c speed, location etc.

Providing alerts of predefined events

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