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Online Accounting system


Gone are the days, when an accountant used sit with you to tally the accounts of business or where a cupboard full of Accounts books are carefully labeled awaiting the end of the financial year. It is such that now small-time business owners don't employ accountants and the larger corporations have an entire department dedicated to accounts. The main leap in time here is the use of online accounting systems enabling easy access, more accurate results and altogether lesser inconvenience.

At Uniflex, we create customized Accounting software that documents and manages accounting transactions within functional modules such as accounts payable , accounts receivable , payroll , and trial balance . It serves as an accounting data system.

Our Online accounting system is based on cloud computing technology, which enables data storage, managing and retrieval on a server dominated application with the following features:

One complete system

Comprised of multi-faceted accounting , CRM , inventory and ecommerce .

Scalable cloud platform

Enables quicker growth, streamlined operations and greater efficiency.

Real-time visibility

Offers access to vital business data anywhere, anytime.

Dramatically reduced IT cost

In addition to resolved complexity and better maintenance scope.

Data storage and Security

Supports with less hardware cost, unlimited data storage, and multi level data security

Industry solutions

For software , wholesale distribution , manufacturing , ecommerce and professional services.

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