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Online recharge solution


With the world revolving around everything online, it isnít surprising that people are more and more desk bound. Formerly harassing routines such as paying bills and ordering groceries have been completely simplified by enabling them to done online. So we at

Uniflex decide to add one more convenience to your everyday life, that of recharging and renewing your mobile and TV services online with the introduction of an application named Unique.

Unique is an application where any recharge /renewal of prepaid services are brought on a single integrated platform. Unique principally enables prepaid mobile services of any Mobile Service Operator (MSO) to be recharged from a platform for any valid amount based on the MSO. The prepaid services are simplified through this platform by its flexibility, mobility, user friendliness and reliability.

Catering to the top up facility for all MSO for mobile connections and DTH services, Unique operates on a single platform and common account. From common mobile recharge outlets to automated kiosks in crowded railway stations and bus stations to even moving trains and buses, the platform for customer interface with its basic and reliable operating system is mobile and flexible.

With the ever escalating prepaid mobile subscribers and rapidly increasing market share for DTH services, Unique gives the edge on a single unified, reliable, mobile platform for all the stakeholders in the industry by eagerly ascertaining the credit stock for all the service providers in the business.

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