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Embedded systems


Embedded systems are electronically controlled systems where hardware and software are combined to perform application-specific functions. Embedded systems can contain a variety of computing devices such as microcontrollers, application-specific integrated circuits, and digital signal processors etc.

In spite of the progress of hardware/software codesign, hardware and software in embedded system are usually considered separately in the design process. There is a strong interaction between hardware and software in their failure mechanisms and diagnosis, as in other aspects of system performance. System failures often involve defects in both hardware and software. Software does not "break" in the traditional sense, however it can perform inappropriately due to faults in the underlying hardware, as well as specification or design flaws in either the hardware or the software. At the same time, the software can be exploited to test for and respond to the presence of faults in the underlying hardware.

To enable such an intricate amount of control and coordination within the system, the technology that backs it up needs to be flawless. Uniflex strives to achieve a flawless and seamless integration that enables systems and the systems-within-systems to run and operate at full efficiency as well as effectively. We ensure that such a technology which enables a lot of functions simultaneously and are used in daily life is almost close to ideal and impeccable.

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